Entry #4

Looking for Writer, VAs, Musician (Done)

2014-11-10 03:01:15 by VaneFox

Thank you to everyone that applied! I was kinda flooded with messages and it was a little hard to respond to you all but I thank you anyways. It will be a few weeks before I am settled enough with all the auditions to comfortably get back to you all so please hang in there!


I have a mini-episode series in very early development and I'm currently looking for voice actors to do the 3 main characters, I currently have two for the males (Though one is still trying out, just show me some demos and we can discuss) and I'm still looking for a female.

The series is a comedy/action series about superpowers! I could release more details but I'd rather leave it to people interested in joining the project. I'm also looking for a writer to assist in story development and the script writing process.

The musician is optional as I know it takes a lot of effort to make music, just like animation.

Revenue and pay might be possible as the series has a few eps.


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2014-11-10 03:26:08

I'll help you with your writing if you want! I've recently acquired some time to spare, so throw me a PM and I'll see what we can do.


2014-11-10 04:09:57

Count me in good man, I'll gladly help you out as a VA!
Ounce you and the whole crew has finish up with the dialogues, simply PM me whenever needed.


2014-11-10 05:03:14

What style of music are you after buddy?


2014-11-10 06:30:44

Ahoy! I'd love to be a voice actor for your mini series.


2014-11-10 07:14:14

Hey, i'm totally interested! I've run a three part series about a Ninja with super-powers:

On a more serious note, I also did a voice over for a page of a book which involves magic:

All voices are me. :)


2014-11-10 11:50:45

I've written over a dozen fanfics, so I have some experience writing. Contact me if you would require aid.


2014-11-11 07:18:35

I'm a part time writer and love comedy. I'd be happy to help you out in writing.


2014-11-11 09:15:20

Hiya! I'm a voice actress and I'm interested in your project. Do you happen to have a script sample?


2014-11-11 10:23:53

Would adore to taking up a VA position. Though I can try my hand at spinning a story or two for you.


2014-11-11 16:16:18

Hrm... Music.


2014-11-12 01:19:16

Do they have something like this down under? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gotham_Writers%27_Workshop I learned to screenwrite there, they also had TV writing courses, some one day, some 3 day courses, well worth the time to understand structure and devices.