Looking for Writer, VAs, Musician (Done)

2014-11-10 03:01:15 by VaneFox

Thank you to everyone that applied! I was kinda flooded with messages and it was a little hard to respond to you all but I thank you anyways. It will be a few weeks before I am settled enough with all the auditions to comfortably get back to you all so please hang in there!


I have a mini-episode series in very early development and I'm currently looking for voice actors to do the 3 main characters, I currently have two for the males (Though one is still trying out, just show me some demos and we can discuss) and I'm still looking for a female.

The series is a comedy/action series about superpowers! I could release more details but I'd rather leave it to people interested in joining the project. I'm also looking for a writer to assist in story development and the script writing process.

The musician is optional as I know it takes a lot of effort to make music, just like animation.

Revenue and pay might be possible as the series has a few eps.

Some kind of rant

2014-07-02 04:43:02 by VaneFox

I've been getting very... upset lately I could say. Mostly with the quality of work. It might look alright. You might say it's fine, and maybe it is, but from my knowledge it's not. Most of my art is completely copied, not down to the exact, but poses and colouring styles, I even sometimes steal colours from a piece of work, even going as far as taking their palette. Of course, my art that are intented to be of someone's style don't bother me much, it's when I go all the way back to basics, no reference, just what I know, is when I realize I know nothing. I've been an artist for what? 10 years now? Since then, really trying to improve, then I see all those 15 year olds who are animating like professionals and painting like seasoned concept artists. I'm not being pissy about just one guy, there really are many, hundreds if not thousands like this.

I can open up a sketch book and try to draw a few figures, designs, people or even some landscapes and I can't, I have no knowledge or skill that would benefit quality design.
I try to study, but after filling 5 or 6 sketch books with no improvement, what's the point? I can't even bring myself to draw more than one figure on a page before I just completely lose all will to ever draw again.

My future as an artist and animator is more than at stake. I think it's already dead.

So much pressure!

2014-06-15 00:39:16 by VaneFox

I would really appreciate some kind of pick-me-up. I don't know whether I'm burnt out or extremely stressed from the bomb of my most recent animation. But the one I'm currently working on, I storyboarded the entire thing a little while ago but in such a bad way that it is going to be a serious problem finishing. I can picture almost two months of un-needed additional work on top of how much it should take. I'm also having an identity crisis, I can't find my style and I feel like a useless bandwagon rider. I'm really not a great artist, all my work is derivative of something, I don't think I have much capacity to learn. AND GEEZ I'M JUST SO MAD.

I tell myself I should take like a week off from art or something but then what? It's a week down the drain and I burn myself out again. If any experienced animator could comment it would be appreciated. Is this common?

Really animation is all I can do, I guess. It's all I want to do. I try to take breaks by gaming or something but it's not the same, not as good and they make me feel horrible.

I'm not a funny person, I want to have ideas and make funny animations and be original but I don't have the ability, skill or patience to do anything grande. I don't even know how to get better. Everyone says doing something lots makes you better, but that is wrong. You could do the same thing wrong a million times over and not improve, you have to do things right before you can do it wrong and call it style, so what's right?

Man my brain hurts, I feel exhausted.

Animation in the works

2014-05-22 03:51:04 by VaneFox

So it has taken me seven years to feel satisfied enough with myself... enough, to actually upload anything and now I am working on a BIG project which I may have spoiled with a recent piece of art. I doubt this post will reach many if not anybody but it's here for the record!

This draft is taking me a long long time to finish but mainly because I want it to be perfecto! But I think I'm losing speed up and around the three quarter mark but I guess anything I don't like is fixable. My problem is, there is SO much of the end of the... (oooh nearly got me to say what it was!) that I don't think I could do a rough and bad, unfitting animation with the intent to come back and make it better later, but it may be my only option if I actually want to make progress and not sit at an unfixable roadblock because half of the planet is missing behind it!

Whatever I just said, let's hope in good spirits this comes out nice. I wish it were more beautiful and inspirational and.. original but heck! Gotta start somewhere.